"Rare Bird" - a fashion show by
NOSTRA held this past Friday, Aug 3rd at the Monarch Theater.
Hair and Makeup by The Roose.

Featured Artist ~ Karin Swanson Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, in an artistic family, Karin K. Swanson, has been surrounded by art her whole life. Her father, Charles H. Sanderson, was a renExpose the Burstowned artist throughout the Midwest. Her mother, Ruth E. Sanderson, was his business manager. Karin spent many hours watching her father paint in his studio at their home in Wichita, Kansas. She helped with many aspects of preparing paintings for shows, devoted endless hours helping prepare for art fairs and gallery shows that her father had throughout the United States and experiencing the many different art communities that her parents were involved in. She has been drawing, painting and experimenting in different artistic areas since she was a small child. Even selling small drawings she created from scraps of her father’s matt board at art fairs when she Karin Swansonwaseight and nine years old.

Though she did not start painting seriously until 1991, the seed was planted long before that and was just waiting to grow. It started when she returned to college at Wichita State University studying Art History. Sitting in the auditoriums listening to lectures and studying art history brought the artistic drive to the surface. Painting only for her own enjoyment, showing very few piecesto anyone (including her father) and experimenting with different mediums she came across the one that has brought her art to life. She is inspired by the likes of Williem de Kooning, the Impressionists, the Abstract Expressionists and with the use of color in Peter Max’s work. After showing her work to her father and receiving her first critique in 1992 from him, she realized that all those years of watching and learning had paid off. Using acrylic paint on canvas, she began to explore the medium, develop her talent and expression of color.

At this time painting is only a part of her life, but a constant expression of her love of color. Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in January of 2001 and then to Phoenix, Arizona in March of 2010, the exploration of her work has found new frontiers. Expressing the color of the desert sky and the fire of the mountains, along with her travels throughout the United States, has given her work the expression and freedom of using color to explore her own abstract expressionism.
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the roose parlour and spa feels it is very important to give back to the community and the less fortunate. we love participating in fundraisers and other charities by donating our services and products.

the roose parlour and spa is not only donating pretty gift baskets to gala's, parties, and charities! we are also donating hair... yes HAIR! the oil spills we have recently been watching and hearing about internationally are in desperate need of hair! they use discarded hair, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons, etc. to help stop the oil! the first program to use recycled hair was designed in 1989 and has grown significantly! we recently found out our discarded hair can actually be used for a good cause and help the environment. thank you Jennifer Perry for bringing this program to the roose parlour and spa! for more information check out www.matteroftrust.org.


the easiest donation you'll ever make at the roose parlour and spa: Awareness Mints!!! we received a phone call about housing a Breast Cancer Awareness Candy Machine. the mints are amazing and it will only cost you 25 cents to contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness!

for more information or details on any of these causes or if you would like the roose parlour and spa to participate in your next charitable event, please contact us at 602.274.6942.

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